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When you’re already struggling to get shit done, sometimes the business coaching world just adds to overwhelm with the constant information, content, and fucking noise they throw at you.



Fuck the content. Fuck the overwhelm. You just need 2 things…

1) A PLAN that you feel confident in and can take action on..
2) A sensei to hold you accountable to it! That’s where I come in...


And if you’re tired of the overwhelm, feeling like things aren’t getting done, and you’re fucking frustrated with always feeling behind...

If you just need a simple set of action steps and someone to hold you accountable, then I’m your gal...



  • Action Cat is a secret weapon in my business. She is freaking amazing at getting you to focus on the things that really matter AND actually taking action on those things. She has a great ability to notice when you’re resisting and helping you look at it from a different angle. I’ve been working with her about 3-4 months now and, in that time, I have gotten significantly more things DONE that have actually moved my business forward than I did in the last year combined.

    - Jen Levitz, SpellBindingBusinessSchool.com

    I’m great at coming up with new ideas, but I’m not always best finisher, so Cat helped me to reverse-engineer my goals and make them much easier to achieve by creating an action plan I could follow, and one that didn’t feel overwhelming either.

    - Lori Hardegree, One Elegant Idea

    “Cat captured me with thoughts I could completely relate to. It was like she’s known me all my life. She is the motivation I need to get out of my rut”

    - Lori Teachum, Germantown, Maryland

    “Cat is an inspiring and “get-it-done” teacher and coach.  She has a unique ability to cut through the clutter, communicate clearly and lay out actionable steps with impressive results.  She is also fun.  I highly recommend her and her programs.”

    - Donna Gallagher, Training Manager, The Maryland Women’s Business Center and Founder of Warrior Women Arise
  • Great holistic view, and ability to help plan and map my goals, and also how to get there by continuously improving. Cat has a lot of great experience and skills that will give you great ideas for change and an awesome attitude.

    - Jason Flemming

    I learned a lot about myself, about my VALUES, about my Soul’s inner call. Highly Intuitive coach/ person/ wonderful woman. You created a safe space and I felt absolutely understood and accepted. You helped me to see some things in my life like being Loving, Compassionate and Sensitive as a gift.

    Now I have a clear picture Who I AM, what is my True desires, my true Values. Having conversation with you – its like something “heavy” dropped from my shoulders, its like I got permission to be True Myself and honor my inner desires and inner call that I was having for many years but I was doubting them.

    - Svetlana S.

    “You helped me see beyond what I could see for myself and by myself. You gave direction, removed obstacles, worked through my struggles by focusing on my goals and accomplishments. You helped me create the vision and an action plan that was actionable and achievable for the life and business I want to create.”

    - Emilia Zalewska

    Working with Cat has been a game changer for me.  We hit the ground running from our first month together and immediately I was drawn to her optimism and support.  Cat has this amazing ability to uplift and focus on the positive, which helped me gain confidence and move into action.  Her compassionate and caring approach helps me feel supported when I’m overwhelmed.  Her experience and ability to intuitively see another perspective has helped me gain clarity on my path.  Since working together I have been able to take action on things that previously held me back and identify simpler approaches to what seems to be complicated problems.  I highly recommend Cat to anyone seeking to clarify their direction and get into action!

    - Amanda Hinman
  • Having Cat’s no bullshit approach forced me to take a look at my pricing in a ballsy way I’d never have done alone.  Our conversations helped me understand and believe in the true value of my programs, and was able to take massive action, and charge 4 x my original price!  Your guidance on this was epic!

    - Georgina Noel

     “We laid out a serious 3 Part Plan to hit my most outlandish monthly goal, and it feels so yummy! “

    Holy Toledo Cat!  Just knowing I was going to be talking to you got me so revved up.  I wanted to be as strategic as possible, knowing you would be able to take me to a whole new level of strategy.  And you brought GAME, lady!  Whew!  Every part of my body is rejoicing with how exciting the plan feels – and how right.  We laid out a serious 3 Part Plan to hit my most outlandish monthly goal, and it feels so yummy!  Each part sings with truth and authenticity, and is totally doable.  I fully anticipate to tell you I surpassed what I thought was once the impossible.

    - Jen Kline Klark

    “I had a 25% increase in clients in only 2 months!”
    “She’ll propel you and your business to the next level quickly
    with her no nonsense and BIG heart! To put this in perspective, I
    only work with about 7-10 clients per year and I had a 25%
    increase in clients in only 2 months!”

    - Michelle Fowler

    Even with Cat’s impressive resume, I was not certain how someone outside of the Medical Community could help a medical office be more successful. Cat immediately honed in on the goals of having personal time- and outsourcing those things that cause me the most frustration. She was able to see, within the first few minutes of observing our office, how we could improve communication between staff. She shows her dedication through her probing questions and pithy comments that make you “get s(#*t done”.
    Running a business can be overwhelming and come at the cost of personal time with a person’s family. Cat helped me refocus my priorities and improve my businesses workflows, specifically giving me more time and piece of mind.

    - Mayer Green , Clinic Director at Silver Spring Medical Center, LLC
  • Cat Stancik is an outstanding business coach. Before selecting a business coach I “auditioned” eight candidates and signed on with Cat primarily because of her MBA and general business-street-cred. However, she has so much more to offer than all those letters that follow her name, or her years of experience successfully making “it” happen in her professional career. Cat’s ability to cut through the ephemera to get to my bottom line has proven to be an invaluable resource for honing my message and crafting my brand. What’s more Cat consistently shows up as a true “coach”; compassionately calling me to the carpet, whenever I may have dropped the ball, in a manner that inspired self-confidence; continuously motivating me to follow my authentic calling; emphatically cheering me onward and upward; certain I would manifest all of my vision into this reality. It’s happening. Yay, Cat!

    - Laurel Kilbourn

    Cat is an absolutely phenomenal coach. Her ability to listen, tease out issues and challenges will help you reach a good place professional and personally. She gets you from a place of indecision or lack of control, to a place where you are empowered to make a change in your personal life or professional career. She doesn’t sugarcoat, and yet is very supportive and inspiring. She is a very rare combination of great technique and strong personal connection. She is invested in you, your well-being, and your goals, and is a key partner in helping you succeed. Working her saves you so much time and effort wasted on going down the wrong path.

    - Christine Lai , Strategy Technology Consultant, Program Manager

    I had the opportunity to be coached by Cat Stancik and I have to say I was blown away. She has an uncanny ability to isolate unseen issues and bring it to the forefront, then build a plan for you so that you can take action on rectifying the problem. In my case she was able to uncover some hidden factors in my life that were ultimately sabotaging my success. Once it was uncovered, it was as if a huge light bulb was turned on in my head and I began to think a lot clearer. If you are stuck and can’t really figure out where you are getting stuck or you know where you are stuck but don’t have a real solution for getting unstuck, then I recommend Cat Stancik. She’ll definitely get you going in the right direction.

    - Frank Demming

    When Cat was my coach she really knew how to get me moving. When I was stuck she always had a tool, exercise, or analogy that made sense and got me unstuck. Cat knows how to listen and really understand. I never felt judged and always felt supported. Cat really knows how to move people into action, hold them accountable, and help them get results.

    - Sharon Smith
  • “Cat was a RIOT! I absolutely loved collaborating with her, sharing her with my audience, and experiencing the interview. That’s just it…it was an EXPERIENCE! She jam-packed it with value and fun! Highly recommend working with her!”

    - Amanda Goldman-Petri, Market Like A Nerd